Christmas concert goes online 

As it seems likely that we will be under the same or even tighter Covid-19 restrictions in December, this year’s end-of-term event will be an online version of our traditional carols concert (the 2015 one is pictured here). 

We invite all students to record one or more of their favourite Christmas carols, or pieces of seasonally appropriate instrumental music.  Work on your own or with others in your family or social “bubble”.  When your recording is ready, click on the following link to send it to us:

We will then edit all the contributions together to make a one-hour concert which will go out on the evening of Friday 18 December.  To allow time for production, we need your recordings in by Friday 11 December, but you can send it in as soon as it’s ready.  As each recording arrives, we will add the name of the piece to this article and move it to the top of the News page, so that you can change your piece if someone else gets in first!

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