Music classes well under way

We hope you are enjoying your new term’s online tuition, and in particular the opportunity for live contact with tutors through the once-a-month Zoom lessons. This week’s programme sees the third set of Zoom lessons, so that every class group will have had two recorded and one live lesson.

Our new programme launched with Zoom sessions timetabled for Tuesdays, as well as the Monday evenings that have traditionally been reserved for Pipers Club activities. We now know of some Tuesday clashes with the other commitments of our students and tutors, so we are investing in staffing and technology to increase the number of Zoom classes that we can run on Mondays. Reorganising a timetable for 33 class groups is a pretty big exercise, but we aim to move to all-Monday Zooming by 19 October. Tutors, parents and students should check their class pages in the next week or two for updated timetables.

Please get in touch if you need any additional help with instrument tuning, etc.  Our students can order half-price copies of the famous APC tutor books, all of which have CDs included: go to our online shop for 50 Simple Tunes for the Tin Whistle, My Second Tune Book (“the yellow book”) or Jig It in Style (“the red book”).  Most Level 1 and Level 2 classes draw on these books, and it’s good to have a copy handy rather than download one tune at a time from your class page. To get your discount, remember to select the “registered student” option before checkout.

Just a tip from observing the first round of Zoom classes: the student should sit in a reasonably well-lit area. Back-lighting, for example if sitting in front of a window while it’s still daylight, can make it hard for the tutor to see you. We welcome any feedback from students about the Zoom lessons, the recorded lessons (usually released at 5pm on Mondays) or any other aspect of their online experience. We know it’s not the same craic as getting together with your friends in the classroom, and we look forward to a return to all of that, but your safety will always come first!

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